Easter Basket Ideas for Tween and Teen Boys

Getting gifts for my two girls is so easy but coming up with Easter basket ideas for my tween boy is a lot more difficult! He’s 12, not into toys anymore and not so grown up that he wouldn’t want a basket. To help all of us, I scoured the internet so that you don’t have to! Click the images to check out each item!

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Here’s to a Happy Easter for everyone!

A little sci-fi, a little sports, a little rainy day fun, this ball is a great option tow throw in the the Easter basket of a tween boy! I’ve had balls slam into plants, windows, and sisters’ heads. This hover ball keeps the game going while leaving it all on the ground.

My kid isn’t big on Legos but I know a lot of kids (and adults) are. This is a great addition to your Lego collection!

Looking for unique candy to put in an Easter Basket for a tween boy? This candy and game combo is so cool! I mean, I don’t want any part of it but I’m pretty sure my 12 year old boy is going think it’s awesome, mostly because of the gross factor. You spin the wheel and then you either get a good Jelly Bean or a gross Jelly Bean. Yay for puke flavored Jelly Beans!

I’m not sure why we go through so many ear buds but we do. These are cool enough and quality enough that my 12 year old has had them since Christmas and they’re still working, even after virtual schooling all day for three months. They also give the appearance of Apple Airbuds without the cost.

I don’t know why my kids like these so much but they act like I gave them gold when I allow them to have a bag. Hot Cheetos are another option but the Takis seem to be the “it” thing.

Other items that are great for an Easter basket for tween boys:

Flip flops
Deck of cards
Fun socks
Favorite candy
Video game

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